MASA architects

MASA is a natural blend of JAPANESE sensitivity & DUTCH pragmatism.
We are specialists in the field of architecture, interior, and product design.

MASA treats architecture as a part of the environment rather than an independent object. We orchestrate design as a synthesis of architecture, urbanism, and landscape to contribute to creating a sustainable society, environment, and culture.

In 2015, the architecture department of Maxwan architects+urbanists (since 1994) became an independent company called MASA architects consist of two partners, Hiroki MAtsuura (JP) and René SAngers (NL), both belonged to Maxwan for 20 years. Hiroki was the partner at Maxwan for 14 years.


Founding partner

Hiroki Matsuura was born, raised, and educated in Japan. Professionally he matured in the Netherlands. As an aesthetic engineer, Hiroki cooks eastern Zen and Dutch Pragmatism into innovative designs.

In 2015, Hiroki together with Rene Sangers established MASA architects specialized in Architecture/Interior/Product design. And besides MASA in 2018, Hiroki established MADMA urbanism+landscape specialized in urban design and landscape design.

Hiroki’s extensive track record and expertise range from large-scale urban design, landscape design to architecture that is based on 21 years (14 years as a partner) of professional practices across international fields at MAXWAN. With engineer precision, he reveals the complexity and turns this into smart simplicity. His approach results in contemporary, societal relevant design solutions our clients highly benefit from.

Hiroki teaches and lectures at the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, The Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, and is a guest professor at MARCH (The Moscow School of Architecture) (his role stopped since the current war with Ukraine started). And he used to be a member of the Urban Council at the Skolkovo Foundation in Moscow (his role stopped since the current war with Ukraine started).


Founding partner

René is an architect with extensive experience in the development and implementation of architectural and urban projects, having started his career at DKV Architects in Rotterdam and then played a key role at Maxwan from 1997 to 2015 as a link between design and realisation, feasibility and practice.

In 2015, together with Hiroki Matsuura, Rene founded MASA Architects, where he has led international, masterful and challenging projects such as the Parkhaven Rotterdam, Villa West (awarded ‘Interior of the Year 2021’ on Architectenweb), and Metinvest Polytechnic University in Mariupol, Ukraine. From an urbanistic poin of view, Rene was responsible for the design and execution of the Mechelen Boulevard and the Machelen-Diegem Masterplan in Belgium.